About JEL Management

James E Lowery founded JEL Management in April 2004.  From the very beginning, James strove to grow long lasting relationships with Government agencies and entities, by focusing on keeping our customers first.  Relationships built on trust and proven dedication to every aspect of the job.  JEL quickly grew each year with steady growth.  In 2008 JEL helped in the completion of 120,000 square foot three-story modular building to serve as the Division Headquarters at Fort Carson.  Since that time JEL continues to use it expertise in customer service, sales, and management to exceed our customer’s expectations.

It is JEL’s goal to be a shining star in our industry and an example of what a small company can do when they think big.

Our Team

James E Lowery JEL Management modular construction 8(a) contractor

James E Lowery


After graduating from Xavier University, James went to Charles Schwab where he quickly became a licensed Stockbroker and became renowned for his customer service and client details. After moving to the Dallas area, James worked with the Warrior Group as a Marketing Consultant, where he helped close over $10 million in contracts. James started JEL Management in April 2004 to provide construction services to the government and military sectors. Since that time JEL has been involved in over 200 million dollars in government contacts as a certified 8(a) contractor.


Mark McLendon

Director of Construction Operations

Mark has worked more than 20 years in the modular construction industry fulfilling a variety of roles including engineering, sales and project management. Many of his years were spent in project management overseeing modular building projects across the country. Mark has successfully managed an assortment of multi-family apartments, barracks, dormitories, workforce housing, schools, clinics, classrooms, laboratories, tech and testing facilities, commercial kitchens, and office projects. He has worked on various Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, Department of Energy and Indian Health Services projects. Mark holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business with a management concentration.

Ashley Gray

Business Manager

Ashley Gray is the newest addition to JEL Management but brings with her many years of construction office and business management.  She takes  care of the day-to-day operations of the company.  Her expertise consists of Accounts Payable and Receivables, Contract Administration, Marketing, Field management, Procurement and Administration. In her free time Ashley enjoys all things sports and outdoors, traveling and music.


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