Modular Housing

Where land, labor, density restrictions, development fees and financing are common barriers to housing construction and acquisition in many parts of the country, today’s innovative modular housing has emerged as an excellent solution. JEL’s desirable, affordable, high quality modular housing is delivered quickly to accommodate immediate needs for affordable residential homes and military housing.

JEL’s modular homes are the future of housing with a range of high quality, desirable designs. Innovative and sustainable options are made possible by JEL’s rapid lean manufacturing construction process.


Why Modular For Housing?


Cut construction time by nearly half.


Significantly reduce expense and save on labor.


Choose from a range of desirable styles and options.


Certified and built to code, modular housing matches the quality and design of traditional construction.

Why JEL for Housing

JEL’s fast and affordable modular housing is the solution to today’s lack of adequate housing and shortage of skilled labor. We offer a range of single and multi-family residential and military housing options. The days of single and double-wide mobile constructions have given way to a new form of high quality, modular homes that are often indistinguishable from permanent construction. Our sustainable construction uses offsite manufacturing to prefabricate single or multi-story, multi-family homes. Choose from a variety of options for interior and exterior finishes.

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Fort Carson Division Headquarters

As a Subcontractor to Hensel Phelps, JEL Management provided installation of all fabricated structures / modular apartment units and design-assist and construction work as required.

Provide 4-story permanent modular LEED Silver certified building that meets Antiterrorist Force Protection requirements including progressive collapse.


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Customizable Financing Options

  • Operating

  • Capital

  • Deferred

  • Skips and Step Leases

Flexible Terms and Payment Structures

  • 12- 60-month term options + no payments or deposits until your project is complete.
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options
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Modern, flexible exterior and interior floor plan design options.

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